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We Are Moving!

hd2o is moving to hd_writers!

Please come on over and join us there!

Chatzy Chat Upgrade!

We have had a mysterious benefactor donate a 3 month paid account to our Chatzy Chat room! That means no more ads, faster load/less lag and there is no longer a limit of 10 people in the room!

We now have unlimited access!

So now is the perfect time to come over and join us in the chat!

Mysterious Benefactor. . . you know who you are. . . THANK YOU! <3

Introducing me? Is afraid....

1. Are you a writer, beta or cheerleader? All three.
2. Will you be working on a single project or multiple projects? Multiple, though mostly just one.
3. Will you be participating in hd_bigbang or working on other writing projects? Working on other projects, now I am working on a hd_smoochfest story.
4. What is your goal (wordcount) per month? I have no idea, I would love to get 15k+ for this smoochfest fic. And that's due 1st May.
5. What is/are your project(s) about? (If it's a secret, we understand) I can't really say, but it's a harry/draco (obviously) fic, angsty and is going to be hard to write.
6. Anything else you want us to know? I'm crazy, I'm young and I'm just recently into LJ and stuff. I am not an exclusive hd fangirl, I write for SPN fandom too and I have written for many hp pairings. But my great friend bleedy (bleedforyou1) sort of dragged me into HD. As I'm her beta, I regularly read through hd stories. Quite recently pushed through and peeked into the hd world some more.


I would love additional feedback for this post if anyone is interested. I got a nice discussion going regarding Harry and Draco, and how to get them together in a plausible, canonical (as much as possible) way. Excerpt of the post:

So I'm writing this H/D story and, argh, I just am having the hardest time figuring out how to segue these two characters into standing each other enough to actually have a relationship (geez, even angry!sex would do at this point . . . ). Everything I write feels forced and OOC, particularly for Harry. I know I was completely late to the game (what else is new?) when it comes to the Harry/Draco ship, but I really like it now and I want to make this story work. I mean, I've tried to be subtle about a building a reluctant attraction on Harry's part in this story, but it just feels all wrong. I'm wondering if, generally, H/D readers are willing to suspend a little more disbelief just for the sake of loving the pairing? I've always felt strongly that I have to prove the veracity of a relationship in fan fic, whether that's right or not on my part, and I'm having an awfully hard time with this. The story is kind of writing itself; the relationship aspect of it feels just dead in the water. Either Draco is too nice or Harry is too forgiving. I had the exact same problem when I wrote Under the Cold, Wan Moon (and should there be a comma between 'cold' and 'wan'?) -- I wrote 35,000+ words and could not figure out how to get Harry and Draco together. Finally, because the deadline was looming for merry_smutmas, I just inserted two on-off scenes, and it never felt quite right when it came to Harry and his canon characterization.

I think I managed to get over the hump by just loosening up a little and suspending disbelief. But I still find it hard to write a plausible scenario in which they want to spend time together. I think maybe that has to do with my own inhibitions about cutting loose and just having some fun with fic writing ('cause, ya know, fan fic is srs bsns ;) ).

Do any of you ever struggle with these kind of issues when writing H/D? I know a lot of writers just don't give an eff -- they write whatever they want to, which is truly admirable. I have a hard time letting go and doing that, though.

Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

*Sigh* Rant, rant ....

 So, I've hit this HUGE wall with my H/D Big Bang at about 20 000 words and have not written for over a week. I have about 4000(?) more words in my head but they don't really line up...  I lost my will to write it...
- Shut up and just write the f-ng thing
- Start over! You have written 50 000 words in a month once before!
- Look over one of your other fics and see if you can use it, you have like 15 of them!
- Give up and go paint an epic picture with loads of juicy smut to make up for your total fail! 

Word War Winners!

Congratulations to winterstorrm who was the winner of the word war last weekend with a total of 11,430 words!

Congratulations to both talekayler and winterstorrm who both wrote over 10,000 words!

Thank you to everyone who participated and "WAY TO GO!" to anyone who got any amount of writing done!

As a community, we wrote a combined total of 61,806 words!

The awards are here!Collapse )

Our next WORD WAR will be held on March 18-19! Mark your calendars now!

Of course the chat is always available and we hope you will all stop by to check it out. So please come and join us there if you need inspiration or encouragement or if you just need a break!

I'd like to again offer a very special THANK YOU to deirdre_aithne who donated banners and prizes for our winners as well as all of our participants! ♥♥♥

Apropos of the non-afterglow phase...

You know that glorious rush you have when it's finally, finally finished, that Ebil Fic 'O Doom? The fic that crept up on you and bit your arse and wouldn't leave go, till all you could do was fret constantly over it, eat and sleep dialogue and see looming plotholes in your nightmares? That one?
Well, I've finished it, just now, and now I'm in process of digesting.
Here's my thoughts on the post-coital bliss phase, apres ficcage, for what they're worth:

Read more...Collapse )

The Word War Is Over!

The Word War is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope you had a very productive 48 hours and I can't wait to hear how you did!

Please post your ending word counts HERE. As well as a comment about any projects you completed in the allotted time.

I'd love to hear any opinions you may have on ways we can improve the word wars or when you would like to see the next scheduled! If you have a preferred day or date please let me know!

Thank you!

Word War Starts Now!

-The Word War begins now and will run until Monday at 12:00am GMT. That is 48 hours of writing!

-This is your check-in post! You don't have to participate the entire weekend, just jump in whenever you can :)

-To check-in, please post your beginning word count in the comments. Also, remember to return here to post your ending count sometime soon after the war ends! Additionally, if you complete a story over the weekend please let me know and I will make a list of our accomplishments! (provide link if possible.)

-Again, the winner with the most words will recieve a v-gift! Anyone who writes 10k in two days (regardless of if you are the ultimate winner or not) will recieve a v-gift also.

-We have also had additional prizes donated this round by the lovely deirdre_aithne! <3
* participant banners for all the hd2o participants
* a special banner and 100-499 word fic for those who hit 10k
* a winner banner + 500-1,000 word fic for the ultimate winner

-All members of hd2o are welcome to participate! Use this time to work on your hd_bigbang, harrydracompreg, hds_beltane or any other projects you may have going!

-The chat is there as always to serve as inspiration and encouragement! Please try to stay on the topic of writing as much as possible this weekend!

-I have also created a temporary overflow chat room. The limit on chatzy is 10 people at a time. If you find yourself unable to get into the main room, please check the overflow room to see if there is anyone there.


March on troops!



Also check out the art war going on at fanartivation!